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                                         IPSC - USPSA

IPSC is a very popular worldwide action shooting sport. IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) is a worldwide organization of national shooting associations; the US association is called USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association).

In the US we shoot USPSA rules and targets.


In USPSA you can compete with several types of guns; examples:
- S&W M&P, Glock, Beretta semiautos (Production division),
- Revolver division (typically S&W 686 6" or 625), 
- 1911 single stack (Single Stack division),
- Limited (highly tuned 1911 double stack magazines with up to 19 rounds)
- Limited-10 (like a .45 single stack with a 10 round magazine)
-Open division, a highly customized and tuned gun with Optics sights, compensator, magazines that can reach 27-30 rounds and anything you may want to add.

In Michigan, every Sunday there is a USPSA match within 1 hour and 15 minutes maximum from Taylor from April/May to October. For club locations, browse http://www.uspsa-area5.org/home/modules.php?name=Clubs&file=index&func=MI There is also a very convenient USPSA match in Romulus at the Raccoon Hunters Club the 4th Saturday of the month. Browse www.raccoonhunters.org for details.

Typical round count for a USPSA match is 150-200 rounds in usually 5-6 stages.

You can also shoot 3-Gun matches, where some stages are engaged with Pistols, others with shotgun (pump or semiauto), and rifles (ARs, AKs, any other semiauto).

For more information on USPSA browse www.uspsa.org 
See the video http://www.uspsa.org/USPSA_Videos/index.html and try to figure out the types of guns that they use.

See below examples of Limited and Open division guns:

         Limited Gun                                                 Open gun

See the links below for more info on Limited and Open guns - these are the most used guns in USPSA

There are 3 USPSA National Matches this year:
     Single Stack Nationals - April 24-27 Barry, IL
     Limited/Production/Revolver Nationals - September 6-9 Tulsa, OK
     Open/Limited Nationals - September 10-13 Tulsa, OK

IPSC rules, targets, and gun divisions are different and are only used in international matches or in other foreign countries.  http://www.ipsc.org/
The next IPSC World  Championship will be in Mali, Indonesia in the fall 2008.


IDPA is the other very popular action shooting sports. The main difference from USPSA is that it emphasizes self-defense, requires shooting from cover (walls, barrels). The stages are simpler with a maximum round count of 18 rounds per stages; a match will have 5-6 stages and a usually a total round count of about 100 rounds.

In Michigan, every Saturday there is an IDPA within 1 hour and 15 minutes maximum from Taylor from May to October. There is also a very convenient match in Romulus at the Raccoon Hunters Club the 3rd Saturday of the month. Browse www.raccoonhunters.org for details.

To learn more about IDPA browse www.idpa.com For club locations in Michigan, click Club Information on the left menu, then Club Listing, then click MIchigan for a listing of all the IDPA clubs in Michigan.

C'mon down to the range on any Thursday and ask Jay (j.laemmel@yahoo.com) about shooting USPSA at the Taylor club or ask Franco (franco.danna@gmail.com) about USPSA and IDPA shooting in Michigan.