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2014 28th Taylor Pistol Club PPC Match

January 3 through 12, 2014

43 guns or more PLUS one safe and one optic sight were given away

(18 Lewis system place guns, the rest by random drawing)

2014 Match Final Scores


Note that this match was very unusual as it required measurements to determine the PPC High Master winner and the PPC Expert class  3rd place. Both had the same score, X-count, and B-target score; however the High Master winner Mark Stout had the distance between the center of the target and the furthest hit 3/8th of an inch shorter than the second place competitor Norma Patrick.
The 3rd place shooter Jeff Cristofus had his furthest hit in the 7th ring while 4th place John Sharpe had his furthest hit in the 8 ring.

 408 shooters joined us.

 Thank you to all participants for coming. And a big thanks to the sponsors in our flier for supporting us once again.

Click here to see the Match Flier

Click here to see the Course of Fire

Below is the safe donated by American Lock and Key to be drawn among aggregate shooters.

Save opensafe closed

Working the Match

All members are encouraged to come to the club and help clean up. We especially need help after the shooting hours to get the setup room and the lanes to be clean for the next day. Call anytime John 313-506-7901 or Brian 313-384-6100 if you wish to work. There is always something to do.

Some of this year’s participants

3 girls

Watch out for the 3 Shooting Ladies





Proud Shooting Mommy!

Our favorite Charity:

Penrickton Center for Blind and Multiple Disabled Children

Every year, right after the January Club match is complete, we issue a check to the Penrickton Center

. Click here to see our most recent donation.


2013 Taylor Pistol Club PPC Match

Jan 9-13, 2013

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Match Pictures


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