Membership Information

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Send Dues to
PO Box 516
Taylor, MI 48180

Initiation fee is $15.

Annual dues are $45 with a mandatory 10 work hours, plus the annual energy surcharge of $25.00. If you are not able to work the 10 hours your annual dues will double to $90 plus the $25 energy surcharge.  Board members and seniors are exempt from the mandatory work hours.

You will receive a $4.50 credit for any work hours up to 20 hours over the mandatory 10. If you work 20 or more hours, then the membership dues are waived, however you will still owe the $25.00 energy surcharge.

Everyone must still pay their annual heat surcharge of $25.00 regardless of or position on the board work hours.


May 1 through October 1st we will be practicing outside, at the Racho road range. Read below and see the Application forms, and let me know if you have any questions. From October 1st through May 1 we will be practicing in the Taylor Police range on Northline Road just East of Beech Daly.

Need to be a member of the NRA for insurance purposes.

Indoor schedule; October 1 – April 30
Tuesdays:        5p-9p Bullseye match
Wednesdays:  6p-9p Action Pistol practice
Thursdays:      5p-9p Police Pistol Combat practice

Outdoor schedule; May 1 – September 30
Tuesdays:        5p-9p Bullseye match
Wednesdays:  6p-9p Action Pistol practice
Thursdays:      5,6p-9p Police Pistol Combat practice

During the Outdoor season, contact us to make sure that someone is on the range on that day.

If you are considering joining the club, come and see us during range hours. When you enter the club for the first time, introduce yourself to anyone in the range and tell them you are interested in joining. Also, ask for the Range Officer (RO) or a Board member. They will be happy to explain to you what the guys are doing and answer any questions you may have.
If you are serious about joining, tell the RO that you would like to join and if possible would like to shoot that night to demonstrate that you are safe to shoot. Note: part of the approval process is that you must demonstrate that you are a safe shooter and will not accidentally shooting someone or damage the range.

So bring your pistol, but leave it in the trunk. A .22 is fine but no magnum rounds of any caliber. You should only bring the gun in after the RO asks you to do it. You should only pull the gun out of your bag if and when the RO asks you to do it. Guns should be unloaded while at the range when not shooting.

If you are new to shooting and wish to learn to shoot and wish to compete in Bullseye or PPC matches, tell the RO, and we can discuss a way to teach you how to shoot if you are not familiar with a particular discipline.
Safety is of paramount importance, because without safety, we will not be able to practice in this or any other range. So, don’t waive your pistol about, don’t point it at anyone or to yourself, always point down range, don’t shoot the floor, ceiling, walls etc. The range officer will not care about your score or how many shots are outside the scoring ring; he only cares that you show that you are safe. However, you can impress the Range officer if you help clean the range after practice – that is what all shooters do after practice.
If you fill out the forms, write a check for $85. If you can demonstrate that you are safe, then your application will be presented to the board at the next monthly meeting. At the meeting, a board member will report that he or an RO that has observed you shoot and that you are safe. The board will vote you in and you can start after that.

If you have interest in shooting PPC, come down on a Thursdays. PPC is usually shot with a 6 inch revolver or with a semiautomatic 9mm or 45 but you may see other types of guns, some are really customized; but that is something that you will decide later.

If you shoot Bullseye, come on Tuesdays; Bullseye is usually shot with a .22 or .45. During the Indoor season we have league matches on Tuesdays with the SouthEast Michigan Pistol Association. There are 3 teams at Taylor in this league, all would be happy to add you to their membership list. Initially you could shoot without being part of a match, and so learn how the matches work. You may want to ask the RO in the control room or another member to help you during your practice/match

If you are not a Bullseye or PPC shooter, you will see that both disciplines teach you the foundation of shooting. For example, some of us shoot Action Shooting sports like IDPA and USPSA/IPSC; however we like to shoot Bullseye and PPC to sharpen our skills.

Remember, practicing to shoot a match and shooting a timed and scored match provides the pressure that any shooter needs to be a safe and skilled shooter.
In the Outdoor season you can shoot at the 25 and 50 yard lines. You can also shoot magnums in the Outdoor range.
PPC and Bullseye matches are held throughout the year, they always need assistants with clean-up before, during and after the match. That’s where you usually get your hours in. Check the for the schedule.

We consider it very important for members to shoot matches, to support the clubs and to shoot under the pressure provided by a match.

Let us know if you have additional questions.